05/02/2023 – 19/02/2023

Missional Communities

The early church were made up of ordinary people who built a life focussed on building community, making disciples and going on mission together. How can we grow a church that has a vision for transforming our town using missional communities where everyone gets to play in God’s mission field?

  • Family on mission

    Missional Communities run off of and generate a culture that can be summed up in three words: Family on Mission. Churches are meant to operate like extended families or as groups of extended families, what the Romans called ‘households’, united around a calling to uniquely fulfil Jesus’ great commission in their context. As we reflect on Paul’s message to the Ephesians we explore what that looks like and why these communities play such a big part in the spread of Christianity then and now. Two obvious reasons are that it is in communities like this where we are able to visibly live out Jesus’ words’ “by this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love one another” and because it is through communities like this that we see God unfold his salvation plan from Genesis to Acts. Finally, who is this for? Just the super keen? No, this is for you no matter how busy you are and whatever your gifts are. That’s because this is about recycling your existing time and equipping the whole people of God for works of service. We conclude with a look at what comes next for us here at St Andrew’s.

  • Making disciples who make disciples

    We are continuing to look at a new vision for building a shared life community that integrates mission and discipleship and we are calling these Missional Communities. Over the last few months we have been piloting a new Missional community, and during this service we hear back stories of what has been happening that has helped us go deeper in community, gain confidence in sharing our faith and connecting with people outside the church.

  • Introducing Missional Communities – Starting with the end in mind

    What is the purpose of the church at St Andrew’s and around the world? How well are we doing at putting into practise the things Jesus calls us to do. In this talk Nic Harding lays out a vision of transformation of our town using multiplying missional expressions of church, where everyone gets to play in God’s mission field. A vision of the church that Jesus died for and is coming back for – the Bride who fulfils the great commission’ Nic Harding heads up Kairos Connexion, a network of churches and leaders in our nation who have committed to travel together on a journey of mission and discipleship.