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It can be really hard when life changes so dramatically, our daily routines and goals move and we can feel overwhelmed. At St Andrew’s there are many ways you can take a break from the stresses of life and be supported.

We meet every Wednesday 10am – 12pm, no sign-up required just drop-in.

The Well

A Counselling Service founded upon Christian principles

Do you struggle to make sense of what you are feeling and why? Then counselling might be something for you.

Counselling is based on listening not giving advice and does not offer quick and easy answers. The process helps people to see their situation more clearly, enabling them to take responsibility for their own life and to make their own decisions.

At St Andrew’s we want to be Gods transforming presence at the heart of the community. One of those ways is to make excellent quality counselling available and affordable to all on a sliding scale. Well Counselling is available to adults irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic origin.

The Well is a counselling service in High Wycombe offering help and support to individuals experiencing a range of problems such as anxiety, depression, inability to cope, relationship issues, bereavement and more.

For any further information please do email us at

How does counselling work?

You will be given a one-off appointment with our counsellors. They will ask you about your situation and explain the counselling process. If you wish to proceed and we accept you into counselling, you will be offered a regular 50min session for 12 weeks.

What are the costs?

Our fees are based on your income bracket, to help ensure you are able to receive the support you need, no matter your financial situation. You can access outstanding counselling depending on what you can afford and will be agreed at your assessment session.