Building Project

Introducing Nexus

Why are we building?

The Nexus project will enable us to build a new community space in order to continue our commitment to be a transforming presence for our community and town.

We will be refurbishing much of the church building to help us fulfil our vision to Reach, Equip and Resource our town. 

The vision has been a long time in coming, but we are hoping that 2024 will be the year we begin  the building work. 

Nexus News

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What is the Vision?

St. Andrew’s Church has a vision and a calling from God: to build a new community space in order to continue our commitment to be a transforming presence for our community and town. Our aim is to create greater accessibility throughout the week, provide urgent improvements to our existing facilities and extra meeting space for a wide number of groups. We will provide a building that will be a legacy for the next generation, equipping the Church to fulfil our vision and calling.

Better serve our Community – St Andrew’s has a rich legacy of serving our community. We have provided lunches for those who feel isolated and alone, a support group for struggling families, a Café for those with mental health needs, groups for families, teenagers and children. Our building is now worn out and has been outgrown.

Better equip the Church – As a church we are here to serve Jesus Christ and the world. We don’t exist for ourselves. Nexus will provide a place to equip the church through prayer, teaching, worship, friendship and service. Nexus will provide new space for children’s work, hospitality for groups and new ministries to grow.

Better Resource our Town – St Andrew’s has been designated a Resource Church by the Oxford Diocese to better serve the wider church and to serve the wider area. We want to train new leaders and encourage churches to reach out to their local communities through new initiatives. By providing new medium sized meeting rooms, it will provide much needed areas for local community and business groups to use. The new coffee bar area will be a new welcoming area for users to gather together and find hospitality. The Nexus Project will help for growth, not just for today, but for the next generation.

What are the problems?

The entrance is dark, unwelcoming, with no reception area. The lounge can be congested, with dangerous sliding doors and very poor toilet facilities. The kitchen is not fit for purpose and is a struggle to provide for our current weekly lunch club. We don’t have enough meeting rooms and communal space for community groups and children’s groups during Sunday services. Our office space is hidden at the back of the building meaning the front doors are often locked and unwelcoming.

Nexus building project drawing

What is the solution?

Nexus will refurbish and reorder the existing space, providing new, and fit for purpose, kitchen facilities, new toilets and disabled accessibility. The project will extend the main existing areas, allowing for more children and young people’s work, a new coffee bar area, church offices and counselling rooms. The Nexus Project will also create a new welcoming entrance area to transform the front of the Church. The overall finished building will provide a multifunctional space for both Church and community activities and allow us to develop the support we give to the community for the foreseeable future.

What will this all look like?

Entrance: A new open and light area, linked to the new offices and leading into a new lounge area.

Lounge Area: The lounge area will allow for access to all the areas of the church connecting better with the main worship area, coffee bar and downstairs. A dedicated serving counter space and seating as a coffee bar area separate from, but next to, the kitchen. The chapel will be  refurbished to provide a new space for children’s ministry and a meeting room throughout the week. 

Kitchen Facilities: A new, bigger kitchen in a new location, with commercial fittings, ample adjacent storage and enough space to cater for large events as we would like to as a hub for our community.

Office Space: The reception will be next to the front entrance door leading to the offices for the administration team.

You can donate directly to the Nexus Building project online by using a debit or credit card.