Drawing near to God during Lent

A photo of someone sitting on a mountain

‘Draw Near to God, and He will draw near to you’  James 4:8

As we enter the season of Lent, it is a great opportunity to spend some time seeking after God in an intentional way. Maybe we feel God is distant. Maybe we have become distracted with other things and our spiritual life has been neglected. Or maybe we are just hungry for more of God. As a church, we are suggesting that together we might delve deeper into a few spiritual practices that will help us draw closer to God during this season.

  1. Prayer. As well as our regular monthly Prayer and Worship gatherings, we will have a weekly time for prayer on a Wednesday morning from 7 – 7.30am on Zoom. You can join on Zoom here.
  2. Fasting. We would also like to encourage you to fast in some way during this time. It is something Jesus taught us to do as a way of drawing near to God with our bodies. It might be fasting from breakfast, lunch or for the whole of Wednesday. It might be you fast from something else that has got in the way of your relationship with God. We have put together this simple guide on fasting for you to use.
  3. Read Scripture. We suggest you use a book called ‘Lent and Easter for Everyone’ by Tom Wright. Each day there is a reading and a short commentary from Tom Wright to help you encounter God through his word. You can either get a copy from our bookstall on a Sunday morning or order online at St Andrew’s bookshop

We will begin our journey through Lent with our Ash Wednesday service on 14th February at 8pm. Do join us in our journey as a church towards the highlight of the Easter weekend and draw near to God… He promises he will draw near to you.