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As we ‘journey with Jesus’, not just through this passage but in life, it’s as if there’s always this tug at the ankles trying to pull us back, isn’t there? Back to old ways, bad habits, unhelpful behaviours. In this week’s talk we think about three ways in which the devil tries to pull us away from Jesus by taking each of his three temptations in the wilderness in turn. We see how Satan taps into our emotions – desire, doubt and dissatisfaction, sells us a lie – ‘sins not that bad’, ‘God didn’t really say…’, and ‘God is not good’, and how he targets our relationship with Jesus and the Father. With this clear view of how our enemy attacks us we are better prepared to resist him. What is more, we see that, by triumphing over temptation in our place, Jesus could be a perfect sacrifice for our failures on the cross. And that means that we’re free to seek to overcome the temptations we face and live both like him and for him afresh each day.