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What does ‘a community of holiness looks like in a world of moral relativism’? The church is holy – different to the norm because of our closeness to God. But we live in a ‘world of moral relativism’, a culture which says it’s not God who tells us what’s true, it’s what’s inside ourselves. It’s no surprise that the two lead the church and the world in completely different directions when it comes to sex, freedom and our bodies. Where our culture says ‘freedom is the ability to do whatever we want, whenever we want, with whomever we want’ a holy people knows that’s the way to slavery. Where our culture says ‘our bodies are just machines to do with what we want’, a holy people knows that our bodies matter immensely to God. And where our culture says sex is ‘casual’, God says sex is the fusion of two souls. Ours is not a lower view of sex – it’s a higher one! That’s why Paul says to the tempted ‘flee sexual immorality’ and reminds the ashamed – ‘you were bought at a price’.