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It can be really hard when life changes so dramatically, our daily routines and goals move and we can feel overwhelmed. Below are some ideas, helpful links and tips for good mental health and positive well being.

Mental Health First Aid Kit

Goal Setting

Maybe now might be a good time to reflect on our old goals and set some new ones. Here are some worksheets to help you do that.

Dealing with Anger

Dealing with Anger

At times we can feel really angry and not understand why, here are some tips to helping you when you might feel angry.

Anxiety and Depression

Bible Verses for Good Well being

Romans 8:24-26; Colossians 1:11-14; Psalm 46:1-3; Isiah 41:10
EFT Tapping - improving breathing


Christian Yoga

Check out Caroline Williams's video and join in
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Useful Websites and Social Media pages

Mental Health

Wycombe Mind

Christian counselling connection on Facebook has encouraging posts.