We believe God is calling us to an audacious vision over the next 7 years at St Andrew’s. It will involve focussing on our ‘Sending Capacity rather than our Seating Capacity’ and revolve around three different areas over the short, medium and long term.

  1. Deepening our roots (Short Term).

Following the recent church plant in partnership with St Mary and St George’s church on the other side of town (see the SMG website here), we have recently completed a survey to take stock of St Andrew’s church and to look at the health of the churches life. We used a survey from Natural Church Development and asked 30 church members to give their feedback on 8 quality characteristics. You can see the details of that survey here. The summary of this survey was to recognise the strong emphasis placed on Mission and Serving our community. Two other areas that we do need to invest in at this time are to Deepen our Roots with God and with each other.

  1. Deeper Together

We will focus on hospitality, Small Groups, Improving our Welcome, Reconciliation training and Men’s Ministry.

  1. Deeper with God

We will focus on going deeper in Prayer through raising up intercessors, 24/7 Prayer, Prayer Triplets and wider training in Prayer Ministry. We will offer retreats and look to hold a Church Weekend ‘at home’. We will also provide opportunities for Worship and Prayer nights.

  1. Building strong SUPPORT

Two specific areas will support the growth of the church.

  1. The Nexus Project – a new space for our community that will act as a community hub and a place to encounter God’s presence.
  2. A Resource Church – Partnering with the Oxford Diocese, we will invest in new staff members. (See here for more details on a Resource Church)
  1. Overflowing with GENEROSITY

The investment in new staff and buildings will enable us to build a Springboard for Growth. We will look to provide 2 new church plants over the next 6 years working with other local churches and the Wycombe Deanery, alongside New Expressions of Church that will be varied and innovative.

You can hear Simon Dust outline the vision during our Vision Sunday on 5th January 2020 (talk here).