Supporting students through higher education

We are looking to sponsor two young people for two years to enable them to gain their further education in Kisoro, Uganda. This money will pay for tuition fees for the two young people who are very poor and live in a remote village and cannot afford to pay the school fees. The two individuals have been identified by the local church leaders as having real potential as leaders and a role model for other young people and their families. We have previously sponsored two girls from the same area of Uganda and seen the huge difference it has made in their lives.

Last year we helped Nyiransaba Gloria Promise to graduate from University. She wrote this letter to thank St Andrew’s for your support:

‘Dear Sir,

Re: Appreciation for your sponsorship.

Receive warm greetings in Jesus Christ our Lord.

I am grateful that I was able to join university last year because I had lost hope because of my humble background, but by God’s grace, Bishop Cranmer wrote and told me that I had got a sponsorship to go to school. I was overwhelmed with such great joy to hear just good news and I give thanks and glory to God.’

Gift Day Target: £1,400