1. Children and Families Ministry
Encountering God, exploring His word and living with Jesus.
Prayer points:
• Pray that our children on Sunday mornings will continue to grow deeper in their knowledge and love of God.
• There are a variety of opportunities for people to get involved in our children and family’s ministry. Please pray that people are open to hearing God’s calling to this exciting ministry.
• Starlight currently has 55 children and their parents/carers attending weekly. Most of whom do not attend church. Pray for God to raise up a team of people confident in sharing their faith in a natural and relaxed way.
• Every week 15 unchurched children come along to Icebreakers for fun and games and to hear about God. More leaders would allow deeper conversations with the children and help to answer their many questions about God. Pray that God will provide the team to do this.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” Matthew 9 v 37

2. Youth Ministry
A place of belonging, growing in faith and stepping into all that God has for us.
Prayer Points:
• That our young people would continue to grow in hunger for more of Jesus.
• That we would continue to grow a committed team of people eager to share God with our young people.
• That our young people would have the confidence to bring friends along

3. Worship Ministry
The Worship Team exists to help the church encounter God as we sing and worship Him together. As we meet with God so we experience His love, enjoy His presence and practise the gifts of the spirit that build up the whole church.
Prayer points:
A good number of the current worship team are going to SMG as part of the Church Planting Team which means we will need to raise up new leaders, musicians and singers. Please pray for:
• Raising up new leaders
• New people to step up into new roles
• A continued sense of team and unity
• A new Core Team to form and help guide our vision forward

4. Administration Ministry
To enable the vision of the church to be put into action.
Prayer points:
• That people will feel welcomed when they come to St Andrew’s church, particularly if they are newcomers
• Spirit filled conversations to take place over tea and coffee
• For those reading the bible, praying in the service and serving communion to have a God given passion as they undertake these duties.

5. Prayer Ministry
Pray for others in the power of the Spirit, always expectant of more from God.
Prayer points:
• For God to pour out the Holy Spirit on St Andrew’s
• For many people to encounter God through Prayer Ministry and for God to lead us forward in how we do Prayer Ministry
• God to be glorified through many stories of what He has done and is doing

6. Weekly Outreach
To be God’s transforming presence at the heart of our community
Prayer points:
• God to be at work in the lives of those who attend our groups (and their families) and for Him to transform their lives
• For God to guide us in how to develop the ministry of these groups.
• For more networking and working with others to develop the groups.

7. Pastoral Ministry
Our vision at St Andrews is to see God’s love, expressed in quality relationships and through pastoral care, restoring individual lives, building healing communities and growing disciples of Jesus.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:34-5)
Prayer points:
• That we have more capacity to visit people in the community
• That we would see the needs around us at church and in our community and show Gods love in a really practical way.
• For new friendships to be built and old relationships to be strengthened during the church plant process.
• The long term vision of building a Christian Counselling Agency here at St Andrews