What is the Vision?

St. Andrew’s Church has a vision and a calling from God: to build a new community space in order to continue our commitment to be God's transforming presence in the heart of the community.

The Nexus Project will provide a bridge between our local area and the Church, a connection to welcome people and grow relationships.

In the life of St. Andrew’s Church there are many elements that connect us to the community. The Nexus Project will help develop these and enable room for growth, not just for today, but for the next generation.

Today’s Church building was extensively rebuilt in 1986 and has been instrumental in providing community support, facilities and events for over 30 years.

It is now time to refurbish and reorder the existing space, providing new, and fit for purpose, kitchen facilities, new toilets and disabled accessibility.

The project will extend the main existing areas, allowing for more children and young people’s work, a corner coffee shop, church offices and counselling rooms.

The Nexus Project will also create a new welcoming entrance area to transform the front of the Church.

The overall finished building will provide a multifunctional space for both Church and community activities and allow us to develop the support we give to the community for the foreseeable future.

Nexus means ‘a point of connection, an intersection, a focal point, a binding together.

We are standing in the middle of this intersection and our project’s purpose is to connect the church to the community and people to God.

What are the Problems?

External message of our church building: Outdated, dark, insular.

Internal message of our church building: Crowded, light and lively, but a building that the church family has outgrown, and has become dated in parts.

The entrance Lobby is a small, cramped space with no reception. Refreshments, toilets and casual seating are all adjacent to each other, creating congestion next to the main staircase to the Hickman Hall below. The dividers are worn and dangerous. There are not enough toilets, and not enough toilets accessible from the main worship level.


Wheelchair access is restrictive to the community. People in wheelchairs have to exit the building if they need to go to the Hickman Hall and Prayer room. The kitchen is used regularly for serving refreshments, as well as catering for large numbers of people on a weekly basis, for example, Lunch Club, and even bigger events like The Noise. Refreshments have to be served from temporary tables in the lounge space, because the kitchen is too small. We don’t have enough meeting rooms and communal spaces for our small groups through the week and all our children’s work during Sunday services, therefore a number of ministries have to take place off site. The crèche room is too small. There are limited meeting rooms available in our local community. There is inadequate storage throughout the church building. The church office reception is far away from the entrance and is difficult to find. Our office space is split between two buildings. B

What is the Solution?

JBKS Architects have developed a design proposal to wrap a predominantly single-storey extension around the church building, along with putting a small mezzanine level in the lounge area. This will provide much better meeting rooms, toilets, storage and full wheelchair access.

A new open, bright, welcoming glass entrance, with automatic doors next to the church reception that open onto an extended lounge area. The lounge area will be bigger and de-cluttered which will create a better flow with the main worship area. A dedicated servery separate, but alongside the kitchen, with seating for refreshments after services and during events. Step-free access to the Prayer room. There will be new toilets in the extension, increasing the number, and they will be refurbished on the lower level. There will also be new toilets adjacent to a new flexible space. A new, bigger kitchen in a new location, with commercial fittings, ample adjacent storage and enough space to cater for the large events we like to hold as a hub for our community. There will be a new medium-sized meeting room, and a small meeting room next to the offices for private consultations or counselling. There will also be a large meeting room with a room divider that can be used by different sized groups or events. There will be more storage throughout the building, near to the spaces that they will serve for ease of use. There will be dedicated cupboards for particular groups. The reception will be next to the front entrance door. Next to that will be the main church office. The leadership team will have their office space on the mezzanine level above the lounge area, with the small meeting room nearby.