09/12/2018 – 30/12/2018


In the weeks leading up to Christmas we have a short series called ‘Visitations’. 2000 years ago the people of Israel were weary of waiting for their Saviour. Most were caught off guard when he was born in a stable. Like them, we often give up on our prayers believing nothing is going to happen. Just when we aren’t looking for God, he often shows up and intervenes in surprising ways. In this advent series, we will hear stories of people that God visited in unexpected ways.

  • Who is this King?

    In the opening of his gospel account, Matthew presents us with a deliberate contrast between King Herod – the self-proclaimed “king of the Jews” – and the infant Jesus, the true King of the Jews. The Magi recognised the true King whom the Scriptures had foretold, but what about us? Are we often taken in and impressed by counterfeit ‘kings’ and ‘kingdoms’ to whom we then pledge our allegiance, rather than pursuing the true King, who often confounds our worldly preconceptions. Matthew’s gospel urges us to seek and to recognise the True King and to give Him our worship.

  • Joseph’s Mission Impossible

    Important lessons from the story of Jesus’ surrogate father as we see how God loves use under qualified people to represent him. Matthew 1:18-25

  • How to Experience Joy

    What is your response to the arrival of Jesus?  Throughout human history there have tended to be two responses to Jesus breaking in: fear and joy.  Hearing the news of Jesus’ birth, King Herod responded with fear and anger; terrified that his hold on power might be threatened.  And yet the same news was greeted with faith and joy by Mary and by the Shepherds.  Following the Angel’s visit, Mary travels to see her cousin Elizabeth who’s unborn child leaps for joy when he senses the arrival of Mary and the Christ-child she is carrying.  Mary herself responds by singing the words we now know as The Magnificat – a hymn of praise to God.  So what about you?  How do you greet the arrival of Jesus?  With fear, with trepidation, or with joy?  

  • An unexpected Christmas

    Mary was just an ordinary person living an ordinary life. Until this normality was interrupted by an extraordinary God with an unprecedented plan. What can we learn from this first stage of the Christmas story about the unexpected things God has in store for us today? After all, it is the truly unexpected that changes our lives! Luke 1:26-38