29/11/2020 – 13/12/2020

The Christmas we didn't expect

This year has been full of challenges, frustrations and unexpected events. The Christmas story is one surprise after another. But sometimes the details become so familiar that they lose their impact. Over this Advent Season we will journey through the adventure of all the surprising twists and stunning turns of Jesus’ arrival.

  • Unexpected light in the darkness

    Have you ever wondered where you picked up your values that say all children have value, the sick should be cared for and the weak supported? In this talk, Simon explores the darkness that surrounded Jesus over 2000 years ago and discovers the light he brought. By his actions, words and coming into this world as a child, Jesus demonstrated that God was for the least, the last and the lost. As his followers of Jesus we are called to carry this light into the dark places in our world today

  • An unexpected Christmas – He is coming back!

    None of us were there at the first Christmas. We’ve only read about it and seen the pictures on Christmas cards. But when Jesus comes again ‘every eye will see him’. How do we know he’s coming again, when will he come, and why is it so important?

  • The Christmas we didn’t expect – Unexpected birth

    This Christmas is certainly unlike any other. It is quite different and unexpected. As we begin the season of Advent in the lead up to Christmas, we will be looking over these next four weeks about some very unexpected events around Christmas. This talk looks at an unexpected birth. Why did God choose a Virgin Birth? What is the significance of choosing to use the weak over the strong? How is Christmas a rescue event rather than just a lovely time of year?