04/08/2019 – 25/08/2019

Simon Peter

Simon Peter is a character both deeply flawed yet irrepressibly enthusiastic. How is it that Peter messes up, fails and denies Jesus and yet walks on water, raises the dead and becomes the rock that Jesus builds his church? We will learn that God can use anyone in his Kingdom when we seek to follow Jesus in every part of our lives.

  • Peter – Restored and Forgiven

    In our series on the life of Peter we look at how Jesus gently restores him from a place of shame to a new future lovingly devoted to his master. John 21v1-19

  • Peter – Just like Jesus

    Jesus call to follow him involves stepping into some massive shoes. How can we learn from the apostle Peter who failed dramatically, but was used to do amazing things. In this talk we see how Peter follows 5 steps that enable him to become just like Jesus seeing people healed and many becoming new Christians.

  • Peter – The Enthusiast

    Peter is the sort of guy that seems to have an opinion on everything. He is an enthusiast, but his enthusiasm is riddled with inconsistencies. This talk reflects on the symbolism of storms in our journey of faith, and the inner storm that Peter, and in fact many of us, seem to have going on inside of us. Could storms be a means of God’s grace?