03/09/2023 – 17/09/2023

Passionate Church

The vision for St Andrew’s church is to be a passionate church, creating fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who are Missional Disciples. Our vision is to ‘Reach, Equip and Resource’ to help us to be God’s transforming presence for High Wycombe and beyond. At the beginning of a new school year we will be sharing afresh this vision trying to use creative ways to communicate the same underlying message.

  • Passionate Friendship

    Passionate Friendships – Romans 12v3-16  Ant Dixon We recognise that we cannot do this Christian journey on our own. We need others around us. How do Missional Communities help us have a real balance of reaching out, growing in our relationship with God as well as grounding us deeply in communities? Why should every single person be connected to a MC? How can we do that? What difference will it make to us and those we journey with?

  • A Passion for the Lost

    A Passion for the Lost. 2 Kings 7v1-9.  Debbie D. We have the most wonderful news in the world to share, but many of us don’t do anything with it. What stops us having a passion for the lost? It seems we don’t really believe people need God, the good news is really true or that we can make a difference.

  • A Passion for Jesus

    A passion for Jesus. John 7v37-44.  Simon D. A church that is on fire for Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit has been the way that the church has brought revival and change not only to the church but also spilled over into the wider community. What part do we play in bringing revival to our church, town and beyond as we seek to make Missionary Disciples?