12/11/2017 – 17/12/2017


Jesus promised his followers that they would experience a life of fullness and joy. No matter what our age or how long we have been followers of Jesus there is always more that we can discover. Over these next few weeks our goal is to grow in the fullness of the spirit filled life.

  • More – Prayer

    “Lord, teach us to pray”. The disciples had watched Jesus, seen often he prayed and how he encountered God, this lead them to ask him to teach them.

  • Living more & more in the presence of God

    Many of us would love to experience more of the the presence of God when we gather, and in our everyday lives. Here we look at four ways in which God is especially present with his people. Exodus 33:7-11

  • Vision Sunday

    We are really excited about where God is leading us as a church. In this talk Simon looks at the ‘report card’ of the church. How are we doing? What has God been doing amongst us? Where are the challenges we face as we take real steps of faith in the coming years as we look to ‘Build up and Plant out?

  • MORE: Healing

    How can we pray for Divine Healing in the 21st Century without being either weird or whacky whilst not denying the accumulated experience and expertise of hundreds of years of medical advances? In learning from how Jesus healed people we see how he treated people with dignity, meeting not just their physical needs but also healing past hurts, guilt, rejection and despair. We see that Jesus’ healing is holistic restoration including emotionally, spiritually, relationally as well as physically.

  • MORE: Hearing God’s Voice

    Rachel launched a new series for us called ‘MORE: How you can have more of the Spirit when you already have everything in Christ. Rachel looks at Romans 8v9-17 and how we can listen to God’s voice. Rachel has worked as a Family Life Pastor, Children’s Pastor and Youth Pastor for over 12 years. She speaks widely at conferences and churches, equipping and training people of all ages to grow in their walk with Jesus. She has a passion to encourage parents to raise children who have a deep personal faith. Rachel has written four books and the Parenting for Faith course that is running at St Andrew’s now.