14/01/2018 – 11/02/2018

Living Well

Do you feel like your stuck in a rut or simply going through the motions? Often we may feel satisfied in one area of life, but not in another. You may have great relationships, but struggle emotionally or financially. God has a desire and plan for people to become fully alive and live well by experiencing health in every area of life.

  • Living Well – Spiritually

    Mankind seems to understand little about ‘being spiritual’ and the Bible makes it clear that there is no spiritual life without being ‘born again’. In this talk we take a close look at the connection between living well spiritually and remaining connected to Jesus in our every day lives. John 15:5-14.

  • Living Well: Emotionally

    One in four adults in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of mental illness at some point in their lives. In 2016 15.8 million days of sickness days off work in the UK were due to stress, depression or other mental or emotional illness. It is often harder to acknowledge and deal with emotional health issues. Heather will be suggesting steps and choices that we can take, with God’s help, to keep ourselves emotionally healthy.

  • Living Well – Physically

    Many of us would like to walk up a flight of stairs or play with our children without feeling out of breath. Others might want to take part in the park run for the first time. But regardless of any physical fitness goals, it’s important to first understand what it means to be living well – physically. In this sermon we look at what physical health is, how our souls and bodies are intrinsically linked and how our physical health affects our relationships and emotions.

  • Living Well – Financially

    Money affects nearly every aspect of our lives– our relational, emotional and even physical lives. And when we have more desires or plans than we have money, the effects of the resulting stress can be devastating. Financial stress has been linked with many cases of severe depression and cited as a common reason for divorce. In this sermon, Simon responds to the financial stress we experience with a message from the Gospel of Matthew. He helps us reframe our relationship with money, our approach to money and our use of money in order to become more financially alive.

  • Living Well: Relationally

    Jesus had amazing relationships with everyone he met — his closest friends, the disadvantaged, the despised… Wouldn’t it be great if all of our relationships were that great? What can we learn from Jesus that will help us to live better with those around us? Now is a good time to begin improving how we interact with and bless our family, friends, neighbours and the world (and even ourselves!). Philippians 1:27-2:5