18/09/2022 – 25/09/2022

Life Together

Everyone wants to belong. People join clubs, teams, civic organizations, political parties, and even get married all with the desire to be part of something. At the core of this is the desire for community, for relationships. While there are many ideas and theories swirling around about what community is, the Bible shows God’s clear intentions for our relationships within the Church. This series draws on principles from the New Testament about what Life Together might look like for us.

  • Life together – holding tight to unity

    One of the most pressing questions we face today is ‘how do we all get along?’ We have nations at war, families in meltdown, an often brutal workplace and social media being less than friendly. We will look at options available to us today, and focus on God’s plan for Holy Spirit unity and what that looks like in our ordinary everyday lives.

  • Life together – through genuine love

    We often think of love as a very nice warm and fluffy feeling. The truth is, that even though there are different types of love, there is a strong practical element to it. During this talk, we look at some of the practicalities that are involved.