24/09/2023 – 05/11/2023

Journey of Faith

Faith is not just a momentary or single act of trust. Nor is it something you get at the beginning of the Christian life. Faith is a lifelong process that continually exerts demands on us at every stage and challenge of life – from childhood to old age; for school to work to retirement; and in joy and sorrow. As a church we also have seasons where we are stretched in our faith, and the Nexus project is one of those faith journeys we are entering into. In this series, we will explore Abraham’s journey of faith through life’s many seasons.

  • Faith to Bless the Next Generation

    Genesis 24v1-11  Finishing off the series we look at how Abraham makes provision for the next generation and puts in place the resources that Isaac would need to help the next generation build from his shoulders up, rather than from the same position he started at.    

  • Faith to Sacrifice Everything for God

    Genesis22v1-14  When Abraham is tested with sacrificing his own son, he responds by trusting in God to provide for him in that moment. How can we sacrifice everything and put God’s kingdom first in our lives? 

  • Faith to Overcome Fear

    Genesis 20  When faced with a new and fearful situation, Abraham lied to protect himself. God brought everything out into the light and dealt with Abraham’s fears. How can we overcome our fears and allow God to work in our own lives.  

  • Faith in a God who keeps His Promises

    Genesis 15  When God makes a promise or Covenant he always keeps his side of the promise. Why are the covenant promises of God so important and how can we really trust God to come through in every situation?  

  • Faith the doesn’t Limit God

    Genesis 17v1-8,15-22  We often limit God with our impatience, our age, our passivity or our past experiences of what God has or hasn’t done.  

  • Faith in God to Provide

    Genesis 13v1-9  How does God provide for those who trust him? It’s often counter cultural. It can be found in places that are not obvious as Abraham found. God’s provision follow God’s promises and as we step out in faith. 

  • Faith the Begin the Journey

    Genesis 11v27-12v5  Introduce the series. What is faith? We hear people say in hard times: You just need to have faith! I’ve had doubters say to me: I wish I had your faith. There are people who used to be in the church who say: I lost my faith. What is faith? Over the next few months, I want to take an in depth look at the issue of faith as it is fleshed out in the life of a man named Abraham, who the Bible calls “the man of faith” and “the father of faith”. How will St Andrew’s need faith as we step into the journey of Nexus?