02/01/2022 – 02/01/2022

How do you measure true worship?

What does it mean for us to worship God in 2022? To answer that question this week’s talk helps us to understand the true breadth of what worship is. More than just singing a few songs, worship happens wherever we live, work, or interact. We worship God when we live His way wherever He’s put us in response to His mercy. So we can judge the worship of our church not in decibels but in the depth of our love for God and for one another. That means that, to truly worship, we have to overcome our pride or self doubt and discover the unique gift God’s given us with which to serve. And, lastly, all this means that rather than lying low and fitting in, we’re called to fly high above the patterns of this world by being ‘holy’ or ‘transformed’ because true worship is seen in lives that are different from those around us. What better time to recommit to worshipping God like this than at the start of a New Year?