30/04/2017 – 28/05/2017

Growing in Faith

Faith is not just something we do as a one and only event or a single act of trust. It is also not just something you get when you begin the Christian life. Faith is a lifelong journey that continually demands us to step into new challenges as we face different life stages – from childhood to old age; from school to work and on to retirement; in joy and in hard times. In this series we will be looking at Abraham’s journey of faith through life’s many seasons.

  • Faith to Bless the Next Generation

    Today we’ll be looking at Abraham as an old man concerned about his son’s future. How can he assist Isaac in living a good life, making wise decisions, walking with God…? If you have children or grandkids, or work in any way with the next generation, you’ll relate to these concerns. Let’s consider together some life lessons taken from what the Bible has for thousands of years recorded about Abraham. Genesis 24v1-11

  • Faith to Sacrifice Everything for God

    As we go through life there are many challenges. Can you trust God and obey his word regardless? Genesis 22v1-14

  • Faith to Overcome Fear

    Each of us, if we are brutally honest have things that cause sweaty palms, dry mouths and inner butterflies. Those fears that make us lead a smaller life or freeze us in our tracks. In this talk, Simon looks at how we can overcome fears that confront us. What do we learn from Abraham in moving from a place of fear to someone able to step out in faith and courageously follow God’s call on his life.

  • Faith in a God who Keeps His Promises

    After many failures and history-changing mistakes, Abram becomes Abraham, the father of the Jewish and Christian faiths. Why did God choose Abram, a man from Babylon, the centre of pagan worship? How did God change him over many decades despite his sin, failures and mistakes? By remaining faithful to Abram, God teaches him He is trustworthy. God does the same with us despite our flaws. He persists with His promises to us until we learn to trust God. Genesis 11: 31-32 to Genesis 12: 1-5

  • Faith in God to Provide

    As we have to learn to navigate the ups and downs of life there are two ways we can go. We can rely on ourselves and what we know or we can choose to rely on God. In this talk Simon will compare the lives of Abraham and Lot in the bible to see how they handle setbacks, fallouts and even success. Genesis 13v1-9