30/04/2023 – 28/05/2023

Faith Under Pressure

Paul’s letter to the Christians at Colossae is a marvellous understanding of how to live the Christian life. In just four short chapters, Paul lays out a comprehensive perspective on how a Christian should view life in light of our supreme and all-sufficient Saviour, Jesus Christ. How do we think differently to the culture around us? Is Jesus the only way to God? Why is Jesus all sufficient for life? This all helps us to discover how to have faith under pressure.”

  • How to live well

    How to live well?   Colossians 3:12-17 Paul shows us the things to ‘put on’ to live well after we have been born into God’s family and ‘taken off’ the things that were part of our old selves. We looked at in the previous talk – ‘How can I really change?’. We know life is a challenge, full of ups and downs and to live life well we need to prepare, like getting ready to go on a long hike, by getting dressed from Christ’s wardrobe so that we can live a life that we are proud of.

  • How can I really change?

    Rather than following rules or working harder to please God, the apostle Paul lays out for us the foundations for how we can really change our lives to be true followers of Jesus. In this talk we discover the foundation on what we build being with Christ, and then we highlight two areas that were relevant in the apostle Paul’s time and are still so relevant today; immorality and greed.

  • Jesus + Nothing = Everything

    As we continue our series on ‘Faith Under Pressure’ from Colossians we discover the importance of cultivating a thankful heart, understanding how God’s ways are good for the whole of creation, and how Jesus calls us to unconditional surrender as he gives us his ‘life in abundance’.

  • Supremacy of Jesus

    Paul says six times in the space of five verses in Colossians 1 that all we could possibly want to know about God, his works and his character are found in Jesus. And so ONLY Jesus Christ can make God known to us. He’s not one of many men who reveal God to us, he’s not even one of many gods with a small g. In the words of Bon Jovi he’s the one and only. So, this week we explore why for Paul, and in fact all the New Testament writers, Jesus was in another category to anyone else who has ever claimed to reveal God to us and why only a supreme Christ can help us to overcome the pressures of life, in particular – our competing priorities, our fearsome enemies and our nagging doubts. As we explore each of these pressures in turn, we discover that it’s only with this vision of a supreme Jesus that we can “continue in our faith, established and firm, and not move from the hope held out in the gospel”.

  • Faith Under Pressure: Thinking Differently

    Looking at our worldview through the lens of Jesus.