04/06/2023 – 25/06/2023

Doubting God

Doubt is a topic we rarely talk about in the church. We all doubt, and even doubt God – His existence, goodness, his plan for our lives particularly when we face life’s storms. This series will explore how to think about doubt and to actually use our doubts as a means to strengthen our faith.

  • Doubting God’s Goodness

    Ever feel like the scales are unfairly tipped against you? If you have then it’s natural in those moments to doubt the goodness of God and you’d be in good company. In this week’s talk Ant helps us to understand why, like Asaph, we sometimes doubt the goodness of God, not least when we see the wicked thrive while we suffer. We see why doubt is a normal part of faith. We reflect on the need to see the reality that whilst the wicked may seem to have it all,  in reality, they’re in danger as well alongside the fact that the good life is found not in riches and earthly comforts but in knowing and enjoying God. When we call out to Him, He comes to us, sets us free, and guides us with His counsel. A life with God may not always be easy, but the blessings and rewards far outweigh any difficulties. Finally, we discover that when we doubt we can’t just think our way out, we need to go to the presence of God, seek the support of His people, and trust in the death of God for us.

  • Doubting God when I’m in the Storm

    When a storm comes in our life we can be secure in the source of our hope and know that Jesus is with us through it and he is good.

  • Doubting God’s Plan for Your Life

    What should we do when we are doubting God’s plan for our lives and are in the midst of tough situations? We look to Jeremiah’s letter to the exiles to see how God is encouraging us to hold onto the promises he has given us and be encouraged that he has good plans for us and he has asked us to partner with him in bringing his kingdom.

  • Doubting God’s Existence

    If you are exploring the Christian faith or have been a Christian for many years, there will no doubt be some time in this journey when doubts come crashing into your life. Doubts about God, his existence, doubts about God’s goodness or whether he has a good plan for your life. In this talk Simon begins a new series on Doubting God by looking at why we might doubt God’s existence and what answers we find in scripture.