12/09/2021 – 19/09/2021

Church Unique

Each church has a unique calling from God to serve the community and region where they have been placed. What are the unique characteristics of St Andrew’s Church at this new season of life? During these few weeks we will explore the calling God has given us and discover how we can each play our part in this journey.

  • Growing a deep church

    At St Andrew’s we want to go deeper in discipleship, relationship and the work of the Holy Spirit because we want to be “God’s transforming presence in High Wycombe and beyond” and you can’t export what you don’t have. Because we believe new life starts when we come to faith in Christ we eagerly pursue the gifts of the Spirit and yet because we know that this side of eternity we still struggle with our old ways we want to go deeper in discipleship, helping one another follow in the way of Jesus. Finally, because we believe God loves and has forgiven us and has existed for all eternity in a relationship, between Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we want to be a church of deep, loving and forgiving relationships. Unless we do that no one in High Wycombe is going to believe us when we tell them of Jesus’ resurrection, believing something so extraordinary has to make us live differently. So, as you watch today, ask yourself, ‘what part will I play in growing St Andrew’s deeper so that we can be God’s transforming presence in High Wycombe and beyond?

  • God’s transforming presence for our town

    Each church has a unique calling to the area that God has placed them. In this talk Simon looks at the early church that formed in Antioch and how they grew to become a hugely influential church not just for their local community, but for the City and the regions around the church. It was a church of overflow. What does this look like for St Andrew’s Church as we look to become God’s transforming presence for High Wycombe and beyond?

  • Mission Shaped Living

    John McGinley speaks to us about mission shaped living.