Small steps cover a huge amount of ground...

We have seen God guide us every step of the way so far. One of those steps has been to get contacts into two very poor communities just outisde the city centre near the church. These communities are about a mile apart and both have been built on the banks of poluted rivers. Together they propbably house around 100 adults and many children. In our last email we talked about the need to get school stationary kits for the children. Some of you responded and this last weekend we were able to give out 50 kits, blessing around 30 families. Children aged  3 to 18 were very happy to receive their kit the day before they were due back in school (see picture above)!

We are now exploring how to take the relationship with these communities further. There are many single mums in need of support there, so we are beggining to think about how we can bless them. Please pray for discernment. 

Also pray for our kids. In the midst of all of this activity they have been sick. Please pray for rest (particularly for Debora) and for God to protect them.

Once again thank you for your prayers and support. It is a privilege to serve alongside you!

Levi, Debora, Nicolas and Olivia

On 24th December we fed 180 people. 55 of those were street people and the rest were church people and people from the community. The children sang carols and everyone had food together. Another picture of the Kingdom.

We celebrated Olivia's first birthday in early January. It was lovely to see how our friends and family came together to make the party happen. It was lovely to see so many there... Olivia seems to be quite popular. Nicolas, however, was disappointed that the cake you can see in the picture was fake.

We keep meeting people on the streets. This month we helped 4 people, 2 of whom are still in rehab. Adernilson, pictured above, has been an alcoholic for 25 years. He is now in rehab working on getting his life back. He has accepted Jesus as Lord of his life.