Planning Giving at St. Andrew’s Church

God calls us to be responsible custodians of our finances and in our giving to support the work of the Church.  To support the congregation in this and to enable the Church to make the most of money given, a Planned Giving Team has been appointed by the PCC.  The team is available to provide guidance and support to Church members on how best to give.  They handle all the communications and records with absolute confidentiality. The team comprises Angela McInerney, David Chapman and Simon Jones.

Planning Giving Form

I/We would like to

giving to God’s work at St Andrew’s.

I / We would like to
I / We would like to commence giving
I / We would like to continue to give
I / We would like to increase giving by
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With effect from

Gift Aid

If you pay tax on your income, the Church can claim back tax relief on your giving.  All we ask you to do is complete the Gift Aid form if you’ve not done so before.  This adds another 25% to your gift so it’s very worthwhile.

The Planned Giving Team can be contacted via the Church office:

Telephone: 01494 529668
Post: Planned Giving Team, St. Andrew’s Church, Hatters Lane, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP13 7NJ

Forms can be downloaded here.

One of the team will contact you and provide you with forms, any assistance you may need and envelopes if you are giving by cash and / or cheque.

Some commonly asked questions:

YES - the church is able to reclaim tens of thousands of pounds each year through people signing this simple form.  Please ask the team if you are unsure whether the Church can claim Gift Aid relief to increase the value of your donations.

NO – however, if you can commit to regular (weekly, monthly) giving, this will help the Church in planning its spending for the year.  We realise though that this may not be appropriate in all circumstances - a member of the team can advise on the best approach to your giving.

YES - people have given in many different ways over the years, so please talk to a member of the team who will be happy to help.

YES There’s no problem with changing your giving, whether that’s up, down or a change of date/frequency.  There’s no need to inform us before changing, though please notify the team afterwards to ensure our records are current by completing this form and returning it to the church office or by e-mail to