Being relational is one of our core values. We encourage all members of the church to be involved in caring for one another through our structure of Pastoral Share.

We also have the names of several local Christian counsellors who we recommend to those for whom Counselling would be helpful. Please Contact Heather Graham for more information.

The following are some other agencies who are at work in the local area to provide help and support:




Here at St Andrews we regularly run the CAP money course. You can find out more by clicking here. If you would like to speak to somebody from CAP then please call 0800 328 0006.




Wycombe Homeless Connection do an amazing job all the year round of caring for those who are homeless, helping them to be rehoused, giving advice on benefits and running groups to help them face and deal with some of the issues that many of these people are struggling with.



Dorcas Project is a charity started by another church in Wycombe to provide clothing for children in the area, they make up and give away school uniform packs, winter warmer packs and Christmas packs.


One Can Trust run a foodbank that provides food parcels to those in need in our town.


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