The church building in Hatters Lane was built in 1961 to serve the new housing area 1 mile east of the town centre Prior to this, there had been an original Mission Hall in Gordon Road, planted out from All Saints Parish Church in the centre of town at the end of the 19th Century. A small and faithful team began to reach out to the surrounding houses with a focus on reaching the new families.


Following significant growth in the late 70’s and early 80’s the old church building was too small. A large extension was added in 1986 that allow further growth of the worshipping church community.  

Planting Out

In 2019 a team of 35 people were sent from St Andrew’s to revitalise a church on the other side of town. St Mary and St George’s was a church that had been struggling for a number of years and a new Pioneer Minister, Jonny Dade was appointed to bring new life to the church and to reach out to the surrounding community in an area of high deprivation and cultural diversity.  

Resource Church

In 2020, St Andrew’s was designated a Resource Church by the Oxford Diocese to enable the church to have a wider remit for the town of High Wycombe and the surrounding area. This means we have a new strategic vision to help other churches to be renewed and revitalized. We will seek to do this through: 

  • Planting two new churches by 2027 
  • Revitalize existing churches 
  • Equip and encourage local churches through training events, courses and coaching