Dear St Andrew’s Church

Anna and I are really looking forward to joining you from the end of August onwards. We know something of the journey that you have been on which has led to our arrival and to my appointment to the role of Pioneer Minister to St Mary & St George’s. We feel very blessed indeed to be joining a church community that is clearly open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and who, through prayerfulness and obedience, now finds itself entering this exciting new season of preparing to plant a new church.

At our current church in Northampton, where I am the Curate, we have been on a similar journey over the past two years as the Lord has begun to give us a bigger vision for how He wants to use us to be a ‘Resource Church’ – to give away from what we have in order to serve and bless others across the town. As I look around much of the Church of England I am encouraged to see the ways in which larger churches (such as St Andrew’s) are ‘stepping up’ to the challenge and playing their part in responding to Jesus’ call to ‘go.’

On a personal note, it has been this very sense of call and challenge from God that has led Anna and I to leave our current community in Northampton and to relocate to High Wycombe this coming summer. Over the last few months, the Lord has spoken to each of us clearly and profoundly, leaving us in little doubt that this is where He wanted us to be. In particular, God gave me the gospel account of Jesus calling Peter to step out of the boat and walk with Him upon the water. Peter is terrified and feels ill-equipped, but He trust the One who is calling Him and so is emboldened to step out in faith. In many respects this quite aptly describes our own feelings in making this big move and perhaps it resonates with some of you in terms of the call God has on your life and what you sense He is asking you to do. Faced with such challenges, I am always reminded of the simple truth that where God calls He also equips. As Paul writes to the Thessalonians: ‘the one who calls you is faithful and He will do it’ (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

Even as we prepare to move from our current community in Northampton and to join you in High Wycombe, the Lord has been tremendously faithful. Just two weeks after I was appointed to the role of Pioneer Minister, Anna also secured a new job just a short commute away. From September she will be working as the Assistant Head Teacher at Ditton Park Academy in Slough. This will be a very demanding role, but one which she is very excited about and a door that God has clearly opened.

Please pray for us between now and our arrival in August as we try and ‘leave well,’ handover our various responsibilities and say our goodbyes. We’re taking some time off over the summer to rest and catch up with friends and family before moving to High Wycombe in mid-August. Do come over and say hello once we move in – and if you fancy bringing a paintbrush to help with the decorating you would be especially welcome!

God bless