The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. Psalm 24 v1

The bible calls us to be good stewards of creation because it’s God’s good gift to humanity, created by and for Jesus. That’s why at St Andrew’s we take God’s call to care for creation seriously, recognising that it is one of the ‘five marks of mission’ 

One way we’re doing this is by working with A Rocha to become an eco-church, making climate conscious improvements across five strands of our church’s shared life – teaching & Worship, Lifestyle, Community & Global Engagement, Land and Buildings.  

As a result in September 2021 we officially became an ‘eco church’ by achieving an A-Rocha Bronze Award. 

We host a fairtrade stall on the last Sunday of the month (contact to find out more/place an order) and an “Eco and Me” small group , whose members take an active role in promoting creation care, praying, making better choices and campaigning for change on a bigger scale. We have also rewilded our church lawn, providing food and habitat for insects and animals.  

A teaching series in November 2021 helped us to explore what God’s word has to teach us about caring for God’s world and this is mirrored across our children and youth work. 

Our children have thought about what they can do at home or school to help look after the Earth and use resources wisely.  

“We reuse things” Phoebe 5 

“Recycle” Kaleb 7 

“Don’t use much electricity” James 7 

“Eat less meat” Merryn 8 

“Take a water bottle rather than buying water in a plastic bottle” Kerryn 8 

This term our youth have been answering the question ‘Is creation and the way we live really important to God?’

Here is their response on how we should care for the environment