This page is designed to point you to a number of resources to help us through this crisis that is spreading around the world. You will find contact details to give and receive support and help including running errands, telephone calls, prayer, encouragement as well as ways to keep in contact with others, video updates and other means of communication.

So, let us not lose sight of the fact that we believe and trust in a God who has promised to be with us always and who specialises in redeeming even the worst of situations; bringing good from evil, and hope from despair. Let us pray for God to use this time of testing and trial to open the eyes of many to see Him.

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Need help?

  • We are still working to help the community! Please or call the church office on 01494 529668.

How can I help others?

What do I do now church has stopped?

  • Sign up for Simon Dust’s daily devotional email – email and let them know if you currently are not receiving the email and would like to be added
  • Look out for the weekly videos

Please email if you have an idea about small groups or how we can stay connected as a community.

And if you are struggling to work out what information is true and what isn’t, try these reliable sources:

We have lots more information and helpful tips to be added, including a well-being page, online small groups, and resources to use with children and youth. Do be checking the website frequently for updates.