Our values at St Andrew's all form around the truth that God is at work in us and through us
no matter how old or young we are; even the youngest of us can be moved by God's presence.
We love to see children of all ages encounter God. We want to see children come to know
who they are in Christ and what they carry as children of the King.


At St Andrew’s we want to recognise that every child is individual and has different needs. We also believe that a child’s additional or special needs should not be a barrier to them joining in our children’s activities. Our Additional Needs Team’s focus is inclusion within the already existing children’s activities. We provide support for children who have special needs, ranging from someone keeping an extra eye on them to having a full time one to one. We aim to work closely with parents to ensure we are providing the best support for both the children and their families. We currently provide support within the Year 1-Year 5 group on a Sunday morning, with the vision to extend this down into the younger groups, and up into the youth. If you find yourself at St Andrew’s on a Sunday morning and would like to know more, please speak to anyone in a purple Kosmic t-shirt – we would be more than happy to talk to you.