Jesus calls his followers to be salt and light in the world in which we live. We want to transform our culture rather than be transformed. As we seek to live as Counter Cultural Christians in a fast changing society, how do we apply biblical principles to tough issues in our day.

Challenging Issues, is a safe space to take an in-depth look at a number of these issues. These will be held at St Andrew’s Church on Sunday evenings at 7pm and anyone is welcome to join us. The format of the evening will be to have some input from a guest speaker on a ‘Challenging Issue’. We will break for refreshments followed by Q and A. We aim to finish by 8.30pm.

Please do look at the upcoming programme of evenings we have on the tabs.

For more information or suggestions of Challenging Issues you would like to explore, please do contact us here

7pm Sunday 19th June

'Biblical Sexuality in the 21st Century' with David Bennet

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