Turkey is one of the largest unreached nations on earth. Many of its 75 million Muslim residents live in places where no churches exist and there is no one to tell them the good news of Jesus.

Around 20 years ago Huri (the lady in the picture) was miraculously led to a church and encountered Christ there. Later that day she told her husband Hassan whose violent reaction  led them to sleep in separate parts of the home. In the middle of the night his room lit up and he knew God was showing him his wife had chosen the right path.

Huri has prophetic and evangelistic gifts. In the midst of persecution she and Hassan have been following Jesus and faithfully witnessing in their town and the villages around for years and have started a small church. When we visited them in September this year Huri said she believes many will turn to Christ in the villages if she could get to them. She has a vision to start house churches but is unable to reach them easily without a vehicle.

We want to help Hassan & Huri purchase a suitable car to reach nearby villages, share the gospel and make disciples in the villages of central Turkey.

Gift Day Target: £5,000