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In this week’s talk we ask who the gifts of the Spirit are for, what they’re for and where we see them. Are they just for class A Christians. The super-spiritual? The really prayerful? The extroverts? Those with enough faith? The less rational? The young enough? The old enough? No, Paul couldn’t be clearer – “no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the Holy Spirit”. So, anyone who truly believes that ‘Jesus is Lord’ has the Holy Spirit living inside them and with it access to His gifts. But what’s the point of these gifts? Is it just for me to experience something out of this world? No, Paul says they exist to bring glory to Christ, bring unity and diversity in the church and to be used for the common good. And where are these gifts seen? The answer has to start ‘in Britain today’, in supernatural and more ‘natural’ ways and wherever people are prepared to pray ‘Jesus I submit to you, your will be done in my life, your way not my way’.