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Leadership is influencing other people to realise a goal, but what qualifies someone for leadership and should we be aspiring to become leaders ourselves? That’s what this talk is all about, as we ask ‘should I be a leader and could I be one?’ In answer to the first question many say no – ambition is a form of pride, leadership is corrupting, some even say it’s a waste of time but Paul says ‘whoever aspires to be a leader desires a noble task’. And yet, in answer to the second question, he also says to qualify for Christian leadership we’re going to need some gifts, namely teaching and managing people, the right character, most importantly self-control, and we’ll need to have deeply held and biblically faithful beliefs so that we can ‘keep hold of the deep truths of the faith’ and enable others to hold them too. So, this is a talk about Christian leaders and their need for these qualities not just throughout the church but in a whole variety of workplaces and settings.