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Why does James make such a fuss about the tongue? Who’s he talking to? What’s the problem? And how do we solve it? That’s what this week’s talk is all about, because the tongue has a unique power, a power way out of proportion to its size. Why? Simple, because it enables us to speak and, as it turns out, words really can change the world. So, the bigger your microphone the more you better watch out. But James is clear that this isn’t just about teachers, this is a word for all of us. We all struggle to tame the tongue and the effect is felt in families, marriages, workplaces, and friendships the world over. In fact, many of us can point to the effect that words spoken over us when we were young are still having on us today. So what’s the answer to the problem of the tongue? It’s a community of accountability and encouragement and an invitation to the Holy Spirit to purify our hearts by renewing them afresh with the love of God for us in Christ. We’d encourage you to invite Him to do just that as you listen today.