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As we continue on ‘The Road to Renewal’, how can we pray for it? After all, prayer is where every great wave of renewal has started. In this talk we look at getting the right prayer posture, prayer priorities and prayer partner for renewal. Jesus never tells us whether or not to put our hands together, get on our knees, or prostrate ourselves when we pray but he does care about the posture of our hearts. So, who are our hearts leaning towards when we pray? Discover why we’ve got to start here before we can pray in renewal. Jesus also gave us our prayer priorities when he gave us The Lord’s Prayer. Find out how using it as our guide and praying through it in more depth can help us to pray for renewal as we ask God to glorify his name, bring his kingdom on earth and forgive us our sins. Finally, because “renewal happens when people get to the end of themselves”, learn why fasting is the perfect partner for praying in renewal, one that Jesus thought was central to the Christian life.