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It’s ok to have favourites, things we especially like, but in chapter 2 James is talking about something more sinister – favouritism. Here we look at what it is, how we’re guilty of it, why it’s such a problem and where we’ll find the solution. It’s a chapter with a message for today because James isn’t just talking about the specific scenario he describes in verses 2-4, he’s got his eye on something broader. His warning includes the ways we still give some people special treatment at the expense of others today. It’s not a progressive, left wing, or youth agenda, it’s the bible! God got there first. So, here James invites us to take notice and spend some time looking at the world from God’s gospel perspective instead. If we do that we can kill favouritism in the church, if we don’t, favouritism will kill the church. It’s that serious! And that’s why, in the end, it will take a work of the Spirit to bring about the changes we need and why we invite you to be open to Him as you watch and listen to this talk today.