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British Ambassador Tim Cole says it’s “my job is to tell them about the UK – what we stand for, what we believe in and what makes the UK special”. Replace ‘UK’ with ‘Jesus’ and you’ve got an idea of what an ambassador for Christ does. This week we look at what motivates us to do it – “fear of the Lord” and “the love of Christ”. We look at our methods – words and deeds. Jesus’ love has to be seen to be believed and yet the gospel needs explaining too. Finally, we note that our message is from God, so we’re not free to tweak it to suit what our audience wants to hear but it’s also a message about the death and resurrection of Jesus so that’s where our focus needs to be. Finally, our role as ambassadors is to make heartfelt requests based on friendship, so we have to get to know the people around us if we’re to share with them a message which, let’s not forget, is good news!